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  • A short history of HPO

    In 2008 we started the HPO at the Charité, Berlin, Germany. Major contributors were

    • Peter Robinson (now at JAX)
    • Sebastian Köhler

    with support from:

    • Sandra Doelken
    • Sebastian Bauer

    Soon after its creation, the HPO got support from the LBNL, Berkeley, namely:

    • Chris Mungall
    • Suzi Lewis
    • Nicole Washington

    In parallel we had strong support from people from the University of Cambridge:

    • Michael Ashburner
    • Paul Schofield
    • George Gkoutos
    • Willem H Ouwehand

    We have been working with multiple people from the Sanger Institute, Hinxton, especially

    • Damian Smedley
    • Helen Firth

    In recent year on of our major partners became the OHSU, Oregon

    • Melissa Haendel
    • Nicole Vasilevsky
    • Mark Engelstad

    We are working in collabration with the creators of the Mammalian Phenotype Ontology (JAX labs), mostly

    • Cynthia Smith

    We have been working a lot with the The Zebrafish Model Organism Database

    • Monte Westerfield
    • Barbara Ruef
    • Yvonne Bradford

    Lately, we started to collaborate with people from the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Australia, especially

    • Tudor Groza

    The HPO is developed within the context of the Monarch Initiative